How To Create An Eye Catching Online Portfolio In 5 Easy Steps

Create An Eye Catching Online Portfolio

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Do you have a online portfolio of work?

Do you have your own website or blog?

For all creatives, from fine artists, graphic designers, all the way through to illustrators, you need an online portfolio of work to get seen in today’s market.

To attract new clients and commissions towards your work, you need an online portfolio which is attractive on the eye, unique, shows off your personality, and screams ‘Professional’.

To make a living from your passion, you need an online portfolio which perfecty represents you, but how?

Within this blog post, you’ll learn how to create an amazing online portfolio, that clients won’t be able to resist! We’ll cover tips from your website design, creating an easy to use portfolio, which focuses on your work, and nothing else!

Learn how to create an online portfolio to gain new clients and commissions!

1. Build Your Own Style And Way Of Working

Before I share tips and tricks on how you can create an online portfolio of work, you need to build your own style and way of working, by always looking to improve.

Practise your drawing, practise your ‘style’, and practise your working methods; the more you practise, and improve your own skills and techniques, the better your portfolio of work will be.

Even though you may create a great portfolio design, which is lovely on the eye, is perfectly coded, and represents your work well, if your work isn’t up to scratch, then you’re not going to get anywhere.

Always focus on how you can improve, and you’ll be on the correct step to create that visually amazing online portfolio.

2. It’s All About Your Work

When potential clients and customers come to your online portfolio of work, you need to ‘wow’ them. You need them to come away and think, “aren’t they just fantastic!”

An online portfolio should concentrate on you and your amazing skills and techniques, and not be distracted by the design of your portfolio.

You want people to visit your website and hire your creative work, and not be distracted by your website or portfolio design, as they’ll receive the wrong message!

To attract others to your work, you need to put your work against a white background, which is surrounded by a simple and easy to use navigational bar.

A white background allows your work to jump out of the webpage, which coloured pages don’t achieve.

3. Create A Simple, Easy To Use Portfolio

Remove gimmicks, create a simple navigational bar, and focus on making it extremely easy to use for any user.

Even though every website design should be easy to use, you want other users to easily work their way around your portfolio of work, and not become frustrated by unnecessary elements, which can majorly distract people from your work.

Let’s compare this to an ‘real life’ portfolio of work. If you we’re to show your work off to a potential client, and you use a portfolio which is unprofessional, full of unnecessary ‘gimmicks’, and is full of blank pages and badly printed images, then they’re not going to be too impressed.

This should be the same with online portfolios, remove any unnecessary elements, make it easy to get in contact with you, and focus on your portfolio of work.

4. Showcase The Right Work

In order to receive the work that you want to get commissioned for, you need to showcase the correct work.

If you showcase mind blowing portrait illustrations, book cover illustrations, and editorial illustrations on your portfolio, then others will commission you for what they see.

They won’t commission you for something which is totally outside these areas, as they don’t link this type of work to your own.

However, if you actually want to be commissioned for children’s book illustrations, and you’re not showcasing this on your portfolio, then you’re making a big mistake.

Showcase the work that you want to be commissioned for, and you’ll be happy with the type of work which you’re receiving.

(This also goes for the work that you DON’T want to receive)

5. Embed Your Own Blog

With blogging being very popular nowadays, it’s important that you think about embedding your own blog on your website.

If you visit my own portfolio blog, you can see that I’ve got my own ‘News’ page within my website.

This gives my audience to gain an extra insight into my work, what I’m up to, and showcase my own work in another light.

I love producing blog posts for my own website for this reason, which can be the same for you too!

Even though it’s fantastic to have a Tumblr, Blogspot, to WordPress blog, you’re technically taking people away from your own website, which your own website blog can help with.

Attracting people to your own website can increase your traffic, increase your SEO benefits, and increase your chance of getting commissioned by others.

You can then talk about your own work and shed some light about how your creative artwork is produced, it’s totally win-win!

It’s All About Your Portfolio.

To gain new clients and commissions on a consistent level, you need a portfolio of work which perfectly represents your creative work.

From passionate graphic designers, creative illustrators, to unique fine artists, you need an online portfolio to get seen in today’s market.

I’ve shared tips and tricks to help you create a portfolio of work, now it’s down to you to put it into action!

Receive those all important new clients and commissions by creating an excellent online portfolio – I know you have it in you!

How have you created an eye catching online portfolio?

Have I missed any important tips and tricks?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Concentrate on improving your own working process, techniques and skills, so your work creates that ‘wow’ moment with anyone visiting your portfolio
  • Create a simple portfolio of work, that concentrates ‘solely’ on your work, and nothing else. This is what you want to be commissioned for, so don’t let others become distracted by anything else
  • Make it extremely easy to flick through your portfolio of work and remove unnecessary gimmicks
  • Showcase the work that you want to get commissioned from, and put these to the fore front of your portfolio
  • Embed your own blog on your portfolio website, that gives another side to your website, keeps your audience on your website for longer, and keeps your bounce rate down!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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