How To Maximise Your Behance Portfolio That Drives Commissions

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Are you on Behance?

Do you crave more project appreciation’s, more comments and more follows?

Behance, which was brought to you by the fantastic guys over at Adobe, is a fantastic online platform for creatives from any discipline, from inspiring Illustration, Graphic Design to Photography.

Even though it’s a fantastic online platform for creatives, it can sometimes leave many of you feeling frustrated to why your profile isn’t popular, not getting seen by many people at all, and not getting the traction that you deserve.

Within this blog post, you’ll learn how to maximise your Behance profile, which will encourage more appreciation’s, more views, and give your Behance profile a real boost! From the images you use, the number of people you follow to how engaged you are on the platform, this blog post will teach you everything to help you become a main player on Behance.

Create Consistent Projects

In order for others to become familiar with your projects, and to get noticed against your competition, you need to create consistent projects, so they look and feel exactly the same as one another.

For example, Rod Hunt and Robot Food have consistent profiles, as they keep their type and layout exactly the same for every project.

You know what’s going to appear when you click on their project’s, as a level of trust is formed.

Create consistent projects in Behance, and you’ll see a massive difference with how your work is communicated. Have the same type, the same layout, the same colours, the same tone of voice, and generally keep it all consistent.

It’s All About Your Featured Image

To stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure your featured image is eye catching, and tempts people to click onto your projects.

Even if you have great looking projects, which is descriptive and consistent, if your featured image sucks, and doesn’t tempt people towards your work, then you’ll struggle to see any traction.

With your featured image, you want to choose your best looking image from your portfolio, which doesn’t reveal too much about what’s inside the project.

You want to tempt, not reveal all.

If you have difficulty with this, go onto Photoshop (don’t worry if you don’t have much experience with the software, we have some great tutorials you can learn some important skills), and using your excellent ability on the software, see if you can make an image look tempting towards a user.

Crop it down, think about it’s composition, make it stronger and bolder, and see if you can make it more eye catching on the eye. This will then tempt others towards your work, and a domino effect will then start to happen!

It’s all in the featured image, so make sure you pay close attention to it!

Be Engaged On The Platform

To gain more eyes on your work, you need to be engaged on the platform.

How can you do this?

You can firstly follow more people, which encourages them to follow you back, comment and appreciate other projects that you like and enjoy, and be seen as engaged with other users.

If you go onto any online platform, and sit back and wait for others to follow you, more often than not, you’ll go unnoticed.

However, if you get yourself out there, exposure your creative talents to the world, and help other people before yourself, then you’ll see great success from Behance.

As it’s a very professional and engaged platform, Behance can bring in commissions and get you in-front of clients and customers, which you may not have without it.

Get out there, and own the space!

Max Out Your Profile

If a user comes onto your profile, and notices a blank, empty and uninspiring profile and portfolio, then they’re not going to be too interested in you.

If you haven’t taken the time to take an interest with your own profile, why should anyone else?

You need to have this in mind when creating or updating your own profile, that makes people want to find out more about you.

Express yourself in a clear and professional way, showcase what you do to the world, connect your social media accounts, and make sure you link back to your personal website, where others can find out more about you.

This is your chance to impress any new user to your profile, and make them become an avid fan of your work; something which is priceless in the creative industry!

Use Behance To Transform Your Success!

You may be having a hard time on Behance at the moment, or you may be completely new to this engaged online platform, but it can work wonders for any creative, who wants to build their own following.

From illustrators, eye catching graphic designers, to typographers, Behance is a fantastic place which covers a large array of talent.

Use these tips to help improve your Behance profile and projects, and become a main player within the world of Behance, we have absolute confidence that you can achieve it!

Or you can also submit your t-shirt designs to us, as we give our artists free exposure if you win over on our voting platform, we’ll love to see what work you submit to us!

How have you maxed out your Behance profile?

Have we missed anything?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Create consistent projects so your audience gains a good understanding of what they’ll get if they click on your work, which also increases your own brand awareness too!
  • Have a good think about your featured image before you upload your project, as this is very important to help others click on your projects
  • Be engaged on the platform by commenting on other projects, giving appreciation’s to your favourite work, and following other users
  • Max out your profile by showcasing what you do, linking to your social media channels and personal website, and talking about yourself in a professional and likeable way
  • Use Behance to gain more clients, commissions and customers of your creative work!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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