Featured Artist – Angry Monk

Featured Artist - Angry Monk

We love featuring talented artists and designers on our blog, and you’ve come across a special one today! We’re featuring the fantastic work of Angry Monk, who recently won over on our voting platform with Birth & Death, which is an outstanding and rather eye catching t-shirt design, which we love here at Graphic Tide. If you’re not familiar with Graphic Tide and how we work, we sell t-shirt designers made by our community, spreading the word of our artists on our blog (like today), and our artists receive...

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Featured Artist – Kostolom 3000

Featured Artist - 'Kostolom 3000'

Want some exclusive insight into one of our artists? Our whole ethos at Graphic Tide is to support our artists and designers, and one thing that we love to do here is conduct ‘Featured Artist’ blog posts. This is our chance to showcase our creative community, for them to show their personality, what makes them tick as creatives, which can give you a few creative ideas of your own. We’re always looking to help and support our artists, and this is how you can be involved too. In this...

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Featured Artist – Ben The Illustrator

Featured Artist - Ben The Illustrator

Creating a portfolio which is full of great illustration, ideas, and colour can be a hard challenge for some. However Ben The Illustrator, working in Frome in the UK, has mastered all of these elements to create a body of work which is a great joy to look through. From his vivid colour combinations, engaging shapes and the atmosphere which Ben packs into every illustration, this Featured Artist blog post has to one of our favourites! Graphic Tide’s aim is to help support artists and designers by selling their...

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Featured Artist – Jessica Emmett

Featured Artist - Jessica Emmett

Here on Graphic Tide, we’re always on the pursuit to help our community of creatives in anyway we can. This can be through t-shirt commissions that go to our artists, exposing their name to our ever growing audience, and showcasing them and their work; like we are today! In this blog post, we’re going to be sharing Jessica Emmet’s illustration work, to help you feel inspired within your creative day. Jess currently has a fantastic t-shirt design within our store, and has been part of our community for a...

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Featured Artist – Noma Bar

Featured Artist - Noma Bar

Graphic Tide is always on the look out for the best art and design the world has to offer, that we can showcase to you guys on a weekly basis. With this purely in mind, what better way to achieve this, with featuring the work of Noma Bar. Noma is an outstanding Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist, and uses negative space within his work to reveal works which absolutely blow us away! We’ve selected a few works from Noma, which are our highlights, and if you’ve never encountered...

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Featured Artist – Piewaste

After receiving so many great pieces of art and design recently on our voting platform, which we’re really excited about, we wanted you share one of our artists within our very own dedicated Featured Artist blog post. This is a great chance for you to gain a taste of whats available when one of your t-shirt designs gets into our store from our voting platform, as we at Graphic Tide want to help and support artists and much as we can. In today’s blog post, we feature the work...

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Featured Artist – Kat Maycock

KM DESIGNS T-shirt Design

Following on from yesterday’s blog post, which gave you the news of our brand new t-shirt design by Kat Maycock, which is the first t-shirt that has made it through our voting platform, we wanted to also produce a Featured Artist post, dedicated to Kat Maycock and her illustrations, so you can look deeper into her illustrations and her as an artist. Our ethos at Graphic Tide is to showcase these artists and designers which make it through our voting platform, by getting their name out there for the...

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Featured Artist – James Jean

Featured Artist – James Jean

I’ve been really looking forward to producing this Featured Artist blog post, as I just had to do a post about this illustrator, painter and artist, whose work I really enjoy, just for his mind blowing painting and drawing skills, which are just out of this world. He’s an exciting artist who keeps getting better and better, who a lot of people look up to in the art and design industry, but who am I talking about? You’ve most probably already the title, but I’m going to be talking...

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Featured Artist – David Pearson

Featured Artist - David Pearson

This week’s Featured Artist is the talented Graphic Designer, David Pearson. Well known throughout the industry, David has made himself known for his excellent use of design, often working within typography, book cover design and branding. Based in the London, UK, who graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, Pearson is known for his bold and distinctive style, especially for the well known brand Penguin. His most recent commission, was that of redesigning five of George Orwell’s novels, which includes the iconic ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ book cover, which hides the...

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Featured Artist – Kids With Puns

Featured Artist - Kids With Puns

Today we are excited to launch our newest t-shirt design and our next Featured Artist, ‘Kids With Puns’. We’ve been on the hunt for unique and creative t-shirt designs that pushes the boundaries of art and design, and we think today’s new t-shirt design does just that. We are always looking for art that is different and is created by someone who thinks outside the box. Our core value at Graphic Tide is to help promote artists to a wider audience and we continuously share artists through our Featured...

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