Submit your T-shirt Design

Submitting your design to us is easy. Produce a design or use one you've already created which you think would look great on a t-shirt and stand out from the crowd! Then fill out our design submission form and we will do the rest. The design must be your own in order to be accepted.

Once you have submitted your design it gets added to the t-shirt voting section. Here, t-shirt designs will be voted against each other in a battle to reach a total score of 30. A t-shirt designer that is successful go on to get printed and sold in store on Graphic Tide. Fans will be able to vote twice for each t-shirt they love, once one Graphic Tide and another on Twitter. This new approach to selecting and selling the best t-shirts allows us to potentially reach the millions of users from social media platforms and using this method aids the voting process meaning your designs and ultimately your name will reach a wider and more diverse audience then traditional methods. You retain copyright and it's open to all types of artists and skill levels, so why not give it a go, it's free!

Vote & Broadcast Your Design

Once your design reaches a combined voting score of 30 it will automatically go to the printing press ready for sale. Depending on who your t-shirt is designed for, it will be available to buy for men and women in store. From here that's when you start to earn money!

We covers all costs, including t-shirt printing, so if you submit your design it won't cost you a penny! More importantly once it does reach 30, it will without question be sold in store. No more final staff approvals like you may be used to before. Once your t-shirt is available to buy online, you can then broadcast the item to the world. We help broadcast each new item to get it recognised within the community. It is important you promote your own work too! There are many different ways to do this, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks, including telling your Gran!

Sell & Earn Money As A T-shirt Designer

For every t-shirt sold you the artist will take a cut of the sale price. This includes all sizes and all types (Men's & Women's). Commission ranges depending on the total amount the artist has already sold, but the highest earners can earn up to 40% on every t-shirt. So the more you sell the more you earn! See below for payment percentages;

T-shirts Sold Your Earnings (%)
1 - 10 10%
11 - 20 12%
21 - 40 15%
41 - 70 19%
71 - 110 21%
111 - 160 24%
161 - 220 28%
221 - 290 30%
291 - 370 33%
371 - 499 37%
500+ 40%

Payment Example: A £25 t-shirt sold with a seller commission rating at 24%, you would make £6 per t-shirt. Creating a design for both Male's and Female's increases your potential earnings, with a newly registered artist (at level 1; 10%) who's single t-shirt design sells out, on average you could earn £140! Plus once designs sell out, we don't hang about. We make sure that we re-stock as soon a possible, meaning you can start selling again and could potentially sell out again.

However, it's not all about the money

The main issue artists and designers have is acknowledgment. As well as making money we support and help get your name out into the marketplace.

We actively broadcast to our social media channels all designs including some that are currently receiving votes. However we take this a stage further for t-shirts that do get printed. Designers can update their Graphic Tide profile to include links back to their website and social media accounts. This increases artists' coverage and can help your personal site's SEO and search engine rankings. So if you like a design help out the artist by liking them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and show some love!

Sound good? Submit your design!

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