5 Epic Ways to Create Outstanding T-shirt Design

How To Create Outstanding T-shirt Design

Want to discover how to create an outstanding t-shirt design? Are you a passionate artist and designer? Creating a successful t-shirt may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think (which is a relief!). All you need is the right skills, tools and creativity to make successful designs for t-shirts. Here at Graphic Tide, we love to showcase great art and design, help you discover the latest tips and tricks to improve your own design work, sharing inspirational posts, and publishing blog posts just like today! Within this blog...

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How To Drastically Improve Your Artistic Portfolio To Gain New Clients

Improve Your Portfolio

Are you a budding artist, designer or illustrator? Want to improve your portfolio? A great portfolio helps you stand out from the crowd, gets others interested in your work, and ultimately wins you more clients. Basically, the better your portfolio is, the more successful you will be. This doesn’t just apply to those in the illustration industry either, but also in graphic design,to fine art. Regardless of the industry or creative discipline you find yourself, we are going to reveal our tops tips to help you create a portfolio...

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Illustration Inspiration #20

Today we are sharing the best illustration inspiration the web has to offer, from mind blowing digital work, creative illustrations all the way through to expressive paintings. If you love illustration, art, and design, this blog post is for you! We love a bit of illustration inspiration here at Graphic Tide HQ, as this subject is often broad, inspiring, with many new and talented illustrators always coming to the fray. Following our previous Illustration Inspiration blog post, we have scanned the internet to find the best illustrations, so you...

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How to Create Epic and Engaging Logo Designs

Have you ever seen someone whose mood didn’t match their environment? Maybe you saw someone who seemed sad at a party. What about someone who looked nice, only to turn out to be cold and unfriendly? When people’s facial expressions don’t match their situation, it can be confusing for the others around them. What you may not realize is that logos can actually have the same effect. When a logo doesn’t match its brand personality or connect with the audience, it confuses customers and can even make them stop...

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Breaking Bad T-shirt Collection Available In Store Now

Breaking Bad T-shirts

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but we love Breaking Bad here at Graphic Tide. Although Breaking Bad hasn’t been on our TV screens for a while, the epic show still lives on! To celebrate and to bring back those fond memories our head designer has created some truly amazing designs which we know you’ll all love. Walter White No Breaking Bad t-shirt collection would be complete without the main man, Walter! This might be a good point in the post to say, if you haven’t already, you really should...

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Epic Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Inspiration

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope everyone’s having a fantastic festive season, and you’re busy at your work Christmas parties, celebrating with your family and friends, and eating and drinking a ton! To celebrate Christmas 2015, we’re showcasing an epic Christmas inspirational blog post, featuring the best Christmas epic illustrations, photography, to designs, to really help you feel the Christmas spirit! If you’re feeling a bit of a Christmas Scrooge or grinch this Christmas, look no further than this blog post, we’re sure that we have what it takes to...

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3 Stunning & Cool T-shirt Designs To Enlighten Your Creativity

Do you love Breaking Bad? Do you love epic t-shirt designs? Here at Graphic Tide, we’re dedicated and passionate about showcasing the best t-shirt designs, and sell unique and individual t-shirts all over the world. We’re always excited when cool t-shirts arrive in our shop, and today is no exception! So if you’re an avid tee lover, and you’re a Breaking Bad addict, then this blog post is for you! We’re going to be showcasing some new tees that are now available to buy within our store, and they’re...

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How To Create Powerful & World Class T-shirt Designs

Create T-shirt Designs

Are you a t-shirt designer? Love creativity, art and design? Here at Graphic Tide, we sell the best t-shirt designs around, from Heroes by ANDYrc to Gentlemen in the Woods by LiukSL. We’re passionate about t-shirt design and promoting our artists on our website, and we wanted to share some epic tips and tricks that you can take forward into your t-shirt designs! Within this blog post you’ll learn our top tips and tricks to help you create eye catching, unique and world class t-shirt designs, that not only...

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Save Over 30% With These Epic Black Friday Discounts!

Black Friday Discounts

Do you love massive savings? Are you a bit of a Black Friday fan? With Black Friday coming this Friday 27th November 2015, we have massive savings on our best and most popular t-shirt designs in our store, all ready for your Christmas presents this year! With over 30% off ALL of our t-shirt designs, (yes all of them!), you’ll be crazy to miss out on these amazing savings on all of these high quality, amazing t-shirt designs, all with super fast delivery! Get something unique and captivating this...

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3 Vivacious Tips To Improve Your Designs

Improve Your Designs

Do you love designing? Would you love to improve the quality of your designs? Being a designer is highly rewarding, lets you dive into your creativity, and allows you to work on a different project and theme everyday. However, to be the best designer around, you need to learn your craft, learn from your mistakes, and learn the best tips and tricks around. Within this blog post, you’ll learn 3 epic design tips to enhance your graphic design work, so you not only make better designs and keep your...

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