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Don’t know if you’ve noticed but we love Breaking Bad here at Graphic Tide. Although Breaking Bad hasn’t been on our TV screens for a while, the epic show still lives on! To celebrate and to bring back those fond memories our head designer has created some truly amazing designs which we know you’ll all love.

Walter White

No Breaking Bad t-shirt collection would be complete without the main man, Walter! This might be a good point in the post to say, if you haven’t already, you really should go watch Breaking Bad, otherwise, you’re going to be at a loss to who these characters are!

Having captured Walter wearing his famous hat, this striking t-shirt is a must for any true Breaking Bad fan! Unique and only available to buy direct from Graphic Tide, this illustrative style really gets us excited.

Breaking Bad Walter White T-shirt

Jesse Pinkman

What a legend. From zero to hero, our interruption of Jesse exactly sums him up. We were after something a little different, something that would showcase him for his brighter days, not those darker days, his turning point in the series and that, of course, was the meth development. Available for both Men and Women, make sure you grab yourself your own tee, and prove your a complete Breaking Bad hero just like Jesse.

Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman T-shirt


With so many great characters in Breaking Bad, it’s hard to pick just three, you may say Walter and Jesse are obvious choices, but for our third choice, we wanted to choose someone that others don’t. If you remember what Gustavo was like that may be a clue to why. But here at Graphic Tide, we’ve taken our chances and produced this rather striking design of Gustavo, looking chilled as always. If you think you’ve got what it takes to strut your stuff around like Gustavo, be sure you grab yourself our third and final Breaking Bad t-shirt.

Breaking Bad Gustavo T-shirt

We hope you’ve enjoyed a brief introduction to our new Breaking Bad t-shirt collection as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. Remember all our t-shirts can be shipped worldwide and are available for both Men and Women in loads of different colours. So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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