Who Are We?

Hello, and welcome to Graphic Tide!

Graphic Tide was established by three brothers in 2012, consisting of Ash, Haydn and Cam.

Back in early 2011, we we're frustrated by how little exposure some fantastic artists and designers we're receiving. We wanted to create a platform that gets talented individuals noticed, and decided to create Graphic Tide.

Graphic Tide sells unique t-shirt designs created by the community, and helps get these individuals seen on a larger scale.

Forming a community of over 1,000 artists and designers, Graphic Tide is becoming a major player within the t-shirt design industry.

We all have experience within the creative industry; starting with Haydn, who's an Illustrator, we also have Cam, who's a Graphic Designer, and finally Ash, who's a Web Developer.

We realise how hard it can be for creatives to get their work in front of people, which is why we feel so passionately about our community and helping in anyway possible.

Every product we sell has been designed by you, the art community.

We love anything to do with art and design, and that's why we created Graphic Tide. What better way to share our passion then through t-shirts?

How Does It All Work?

Designers submit their work to us, and if their successful within our voting platform, and achieve 30 votes, we print the design onto t-shirts to sell worldwide.

In turn we pay artists based on what they sell and help promote their name to a wider audience. The more you sell the better your commission rate will be.

We proud ourselves in offering high commission rates, way above the industry average for any similar t-shirt company out there.

The industry average an artist receives per t-shirt sale is a minuscule £1.50 ($2.50). However ours starts at £2 ($3.34) and can reach up to £8 ($13.34) per sale for our top sellers!

Why not try for yourself and submit your artwork to us?

I'm not an artist?

This is where you can still make a difference. Supporting a designer can set their careers into new heights. Following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook and purchasing their t-shirts all shows your support. You don't have to be an artist to be part of this established welcoming community.

Want to get involved? Why not browse our currently selling Men's t-shirt designs or Women's t-shirt designs, read our t-shirt and art inspiration blog or submit your artwork to us. We are constantly on the look out for fresh and unique forms of art at any skill level, so if you think you've got what it takes or just want to give it go, submit a design today.