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The Main Benefits Of Being A Graphic Tide Designer

When you submit your t-shirt designs to Graphic Tide, you'll receive exposure for your artistic talents, gain ever lasting credibility, and earn a commission on every t-shirt design that you sell with us.

You might of just submitted a design, have a t-shirt design in store, or you're an artist who's seeking new found tips and advice, well you've come to the right place!

You can become a popular and sought after artist with Graphic Tide, as we help promote your creative talent's to the world!

We've created this guide to help you gain votes on our voting platform, which you can also use to become a popular artist within the art and design industry.

From social media, becoming an important member of our community, to showcasing your work in the right way, this guide is going to turn you into a successful Graphic Tide Artist and Designer.

Submit a t-shirt just like this

Our whole ethos at Graphic Tide is to help and support artists and designers through their creative journey's, by showcasing your work on t-shirts, conducting exclusive blog posts of your work, and giving commission on every t-shirt that is sold in store.

With our ever growing community of artists and designers, this is the one stop place to get your work in front of a brand new audience, and gain some extra exposure too.

The benefits of submitting your work to us

  • Gain commission on every cool t-shirt that you sell in store
  • Great exposure of your art and designs
  • A unique way to showcase your art on t-shirts
  • Free to submit and join our ever growing community
  • Marketing of your art and t-shirt designs on our social media accounts, email list, and more!

Tips To Become A Successful Graphic Tide Artist

We're going to be sharing tips of how you can become a successful Graphic Tide artist, through social media, marketing your t-shirt design, and becoming a popular and sought after artist on Graphic Tide.

This is the one stop place to take your work to the next level. So let's start with social media.

Using Social Media To Drive Your Exposure

In order for your t-shirt designs to be voted through social media, you need to make use of all of the features which you have in front of you, including your creative talent's!

Firstly, in order for your posts through social media to be successful, and to attract attention of your design's which you've submitted to Graphic Tide, you need embed imagery within your posts.

As social media is changing into a visual platform, we've found that using imagery within Tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts is one sure way to drive votes towards your designs on Graphic Tide.

Not only should you promote your design through the written word, you need to embed your design within your posts that you share.

Not only will it look ace, it'll arouse attraction to work, and encourage shares and Re-Tweets, which is exactly what you need to attract votes. (The more shares you receive, the more votes you're likely to receive).

So as a free resource to you, we've created a package which you can use within your social media marketing, including Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

Social media images play an important part of online marketing, which is why we've shared this resource with you.

This layout pack is going to really boost your effectiveness on social media, and drive new votes towards your designs!

You can use this layout pack and embed effective images within your social media marketing.

We've done our research and have discovered the most effective sizes for images to be within each social media platform, which encourages shares, Re-Tweets and comments.

So don't miss out on this free layout pack!

Once you've created an image that your happy with from our 'Layout Packs', you'll be able to embed this within your posts.

If you're not sure how to embed images within your posts, not too worry, we have your back! We'll go through each social media platform and explain how to do this.

Maximising Your Twitter Marketing

  • Log into your Twitter account, and click the box at the top of the page (to create your Tweet).
  • From here, it's a good idea to embed your image first (as Twitter takes away characters after you've embedded an image).
  • Click 'Add Photo', and this will take you to your computer. Choose 'Graphic-Tides-Twitter-layout.png', and click 'Open'.
  • You can now see that Twitter has taken away some of your characters, which was 140 to start with, as you've embedded an image.
  • You can now start to type your Tweet, which tells your audience about your design which you've embedded.
  • It's a good idea to link your design on Graphic Tide within your Tweet, so other people know where to vote for your design.
  • Once this is all done, you can click 'Tweet' to post to the world!

Maximising Your Facebook Marketing

  • Log into your Facebook account, and click the box at the top of the page to update your status (to create your post).
  • You can then start typing what you want to share with your audience, and tell them about your cool t-shirt design on Graphic Tide.
  • Click 'Add Photos To Your Post' (which is the third icon across), and this will take you to your computer. Choose 'Graphic-Tides-Facebook-layout.png', and click 'Open'.
  • You can then see that you've embedded an image into your status, which we encourage shares, Likes and comments!
  • From here, you can then link your design on Graphic Tide, and get some extra traction that way.

Maximising Your Google+ Marketing

  • For those of you with Google+ accounts, this is a extra option which can encourage new votes towards your design's.
  • Log into your Google+ account, and click the box at the top of the page to share an update with your audience.
  • Start typing what you want to say within your Google+ post, and click the 'Photos' icon.
  • This will allow you to either drag images into the post, or you'll be able to select images from your computer. Click 'Upload from computer' and choose 'Graphic-Tides-Google-layout.png', and then click 'Open'.
  • From here, you'll be able to see that an image has been embedded into your post.
  • Construct your post as you wish, and don't forget to link towards your design on Graphic Tide.
Download free social media templates
Amazing t-shirt designs on Graphic Tide

Letting Your Fans Know!

For talented and successful artists like yourself, you need to go out there and tell your fan's about your submitted t-shirt design's on Graphic Tide.

This could be your relatives, direct messaging your friends, or telling your audience on your social media channels, it all counts towards a higher chance of you getting the votes that you need.

As the more people you tell, the better chance you'll have.

Max Out Your Profile

Your unique, your art is unique, so why not be unique within your profile?

Making sure you max our your profile is one key element, as it lets others discover you as an artist, and gives them an extra sense of your work. Here's some important tips to follow;

Write about yourself in a clear, professional and engaging way, which attracts visitors and votes towards your work.

This is your chance to tell others about your work, so be sure to make use of this space.

Upload a clear profile picture of yourself, which sets you apart from the community. We recommend an image which is 80 x 80 pixels wide.

Upload a banner which gives a sense of who you are as an Graphic Tide artist, showing your work in all it's glory. We recommend your social media images which are 960 x 245 pixels wide.

Breaking bad t-shirts

Become An Important Part Of The Community

From our experience, users who are successful with us, have been active members of the community. Commenting on other designs, actively voting, making attractive profiles, and being an engaging user.

Others will then hear about you from your activity, and will be enticed about what you up to.

Take Scott Rich for example. Having over 9 designs already in our store, he's a great member of our community. He shares his designs on social media, has told his friends and family, and has become a great success on Graphic Tide.

We're here to promote him and his work by conducting 'Creative Interview' blog posts, 'Featured Artist' blog posts, and marketing his work to our audience.

And this can be you too! Become an important part of the community and a great deal of attention can come your way!

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Become A Successful Graphic Tide Artist & Designer

Follow these tips and we're confident that you'll become an integral part of our community.

With the number of benefits of submitting your work to us for free, it's a really valuable thing to do if you're an artist or designer.

Promote your work on social media with our tips, download our template pack, become an important part of our community, and become a great Graphic Tide artist.

We look forward to seeing you shine on Graphic Tide!

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