3 Stunning & Cool T-shirt Designs To Enlighten Your Creativity

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Do you love Breaking Bad?

Do you love epic t-shirt designs?

Here at Graphic Tide, we’re dedicated and passionate about showcasing the best t-shirt designs, and sell unique and individual t-shirts all over the world.

We’re always excited when cool t-shirts arrive in our shop, and today is no exception! So if you’re an avid tee lover, and you’re a Breaking Bad addict, then this blog post is for you!

We’re going to be showcasing some new tees that are now available to buy within our store, and they’re awesome! From the classic Walter White illustration, a rather classic Jesse Pinkman tee design, to the the scary Gustavo Fring, these new tee are going to blow you away!

If you’re an avid artist or designer, and would love to join a creative community, sell your art on tees, and make money from every t-shirt design sold in our store, do submit your work to us at any point! (And did we mention it’s free?)

Cool T-shirt Designs Added To Our Shop!

Ever since the epic television show of Breaking Bad ended in 2013, (a whole 2 years now!) there’s been a massive hole in so many people’s lives, until now!

We have several new Breaking Bad t-shirts in our store, from the famous Walter White, the eye catching Jesse Pinkman, to the scary Gustavo Fring.

Much like how we we’re feeling at the end of Breaking Bad, if you need something to help rekindle those great memories of the show, these t-shirt designs are for you!

Walter White T-shirt Design

Created traditionally using gouache paint and scanned into the computer to form the illustration, this t-shirt design is colourful, bold and captivating. This t-shirt design is especially great for those of you who are lacking Christmas presents this year, and need some quick presents to buy for your loved ones!

Walter White T-Shirt Design

Walter White T-Shirt Design

Featuring the dominating Walter White, who is played by Bryan Cranston, this illustration features bold yellows, reds and blues, that is sure to make anyone take notice of your wicked piece of art! This illustration also celebrates the classic ‘Heisenberg’ from the show – what’s not to like?

Walter White T-shirt Design – Get Yours Here!

Epic Jesse Pinkman Tee

Walter White’s right hand man, Jesse Pinkman is another crowd favourite, that a lot of people adore on the television show.

Often confronted with his own emotions and not knowing what to do with himself, this illustration features Jesse at the prime of his creations, with the full gear to suit!

Jesee Pinkman T-Shirt Design

Jesee Pinkman T-Shirt Design

Jesse is one of favourite characters from the show, so we had to do him justice. We think this illustration really stands out on a black tee, so if you love this piece of art, why not browse our t-shirt colours?

Jesse Pinkman T-shirt Design – Get Yours Here

Gustavo Fring Tee Design

Another popular character within Breaking Bad (heck, every character is popular), Gustavo Fring is the rather intimidating and scary figure of the show, that you don’t want to mess with!

Often calm in approach, but deadly behind closed doors, this Gustavo illustration features deep reds to portray his evil side, that looks brilliant on our t-shirts!

Gustavo Fring T-Shirt Design

Gustavo Fring T-Shirt Design

All these illustrations have been produced by me (Haydn Symons), and are all originals of my illustrations. Created traditionally using gouache and edited in Photoshop, you can own a unique and individual t-shirt, that celebrates this fine television show!

Walter White T-shirt Design – Get Yours Here

Get Yourself A Unique Breaking Bad T-shirt Design!

From the classic Walter White, Jesse Pinkman to Gustavo Fring, these unique t-shirt designs are ready for you to get your hands on them!

Made with high quality cotton, printed using the latest printing technology of DTG printing, and quick delivery to your door, there’s no excuse!

If you know anyone that is a true Breaking Bad fan, or you like any of these designs, do check out our Shop page, you may discover a t-shirt that you particularly love!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Breaking Bad inspired blog post today, and do let us know what you think of these cool t-shirt designs.

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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I'm an Illustrator, Designer & Animator from Hampshire, United Kingdom, and have been illustrating for a number of years. I have a wealth of experience within editorial, maps, posters and book covers. Having a firm interest in the creative industry and everything that revolves around it, I want to share what I've learnt to you. From this, I have a keen passion for t-shirt design and how illustration can become a part of something you wear.

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