How To Gain More Creative Commissions The Right Way

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Are you an artist or designer?

Do you crave more creative projects and commissions?

For any creative freelancer, from aspiring graphic designers, motivated illustrators to on the go film makers, receiving creative projects is crucial for your survival.

But sometimes, it’s quite hard to build up your clientele, especially when your new to freelancing and generating money for yourself, which is why we’re here to help you bridge that gap!

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But lets share our first tip to help you gain more creative projects.

Always Think About Your Own Marketing

For any business, you need to market yourself to gain more work. The more you’re in other people’s faces, the more they’ll remember you, and the more sales and work you’ll receive. In order for you to gain more creative projects, you need to always have marketing in mind.

It’s no good sending one email to someone once a year, as this isn’t going to make them want to commission you, and you’ll be forgotten pretty quickly.

If you we’re to always get in their face (not in an annoying way of course), and create a consistent and persistent message, you’ll start to pick up more creative projects for yourself.

From online like social media marketing to offline marketing like networking, if you dedicate yourself to marketing yourself, you’ll increase your brand image, develop your client relationships, and as a result, bring in more work.

Concentrate on Building Relationships

To gain more creative projects, it’s important that you market yourself in an efficient, consistent and engaging basis.

The more you’re remembered, the more work you’ll receive. This is why it’s so important to build relationships with other people, from other business owners, other creatives, to other people in other industries.

By building those relationships with other people, you’ll increase your trust with other people, which results in more people commissioning your creative talents.

The crucial element here is to attend offline networking events and meet people face to face. This is a key ingredient to help you build relationships, that online marketing doesn’t quite achieve.

Practise & Build Your Portfolio

If you’re a recent graduate, new to the world of creative freelancing, or you want some extra tips to help you gain more creative work, you need to always practise your craft, and build your portfolio.

If a client visits your portfolio right now, and then returns in a couple of months time, and notices that you haven’t updated in that time, they’ll think you’re not passionate about what you do.

You’re not dedicated to improving and you’re not getting any new clients, which is a big disappointment to them.

Even if you’re constantly improving and adding new work to your portfolio, (which none of it might be client work), they’ll see your passionate about what you do, and if they commission you, they’ll know that you’ll put your heart and soul into it.

This shouldn’t be overlooked, so make sure your always updating your portfolio.

Engage With Your Audience

Even though it’s crucial that you build relationships with others that commission your type of work, it’s important that you build your own audience away from these people.

Be active on social media, go to networking events, and showcase what you do to on a worldwide scale, and make it your number one priority to build your audience.

This will then cause a domino effect, as other’s won’t be able to resist commissioning you as a result!

How Do You Gain More Creative Work?

If you only take one important tip from this blog post, always connect with as many people as possible, and build strong, trusted relationships.

If you manage to do this successfully, you’ll always have work coming in.

For any professional freelance illustrator, graphic designer to textile designer, it’s important that you’re fulfilling your creative needs, but it’s also important that you pay your bills.

Our tips and tricks give you a few crucial ideas to help you receive more work of your services, showcase your own skills, and build your portfolio too.

Focus on marketing, networking, building relationships and your portfolio, and you’re bound to receive more creative work for yourself.

How have you built your own creative work?

Is there anything which we’ve left out?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Always think about your own marketing, from online to offline marketing, and concentrate on building relationships with clients and your customers
  • If you manage to do this successfully, you’ll also find that work is coming your way
  • Practise your own craft, and build your audience, which is full of fans, followers and people that are addicted to your work
  • Even if you’re the best image maker, illustrator or typographer, if you don’t market yourself, you’ll receive no work at all
  • Use these tips to help you receive more creative work for your talented services

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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