Ultimate Guide: Timesaving Photoshop Shortcuts

Timesaving Photoshop Shortcuts

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Are you an avid Photoshop user?

Do you use the software on a daily and weekly basis?

From artists, designers, photographers, all the way through to typographers, Photoshop is an important tool within your toolbox.

Adobe Photoshop helps you create stunning digital designs and illustrations, which can help you maximise your own creative talents. However, in order for you to speed up your design creations, and to get more stuff done on a consistent level, learning some crucial Photoshop shortcuts can make the world of difference.

If you’re a beginner with Adobe Photoshop, or even if you know your way around Photoshop, discovering some new shortcuts can help you considerably, and don’t worry, we’re showcasing shortcuts for both PC and Mac users – we have you both covered!

From layers, selecting, to grouping, this ‘Ultimate Guide: Timesaving Photoshop Shortcuts’ is here to help you get the most out of this great piece of software!

Preparing Your Document

Getting into your document as quickly as possible is so important, so you keep motivated and driven to create an excellent document. Shortcuts that help you prepare your document within Adobe Photoshop quicker can help a ton;

Control + Alt + N (CMD + N) – New Document

Control + Alt + I (CMD + Opt + I) – Change Image Size

Control + Alt + C (CMD + Opt + C) – Change Canvas Size

Control + Alt + + (CMD + +) – Zoom In

Control + Alt + – (CMD + -) – Zoom Out

Control + Alt + ; (CMD + Opt + ; ) – Hide Guides


Layers are a massive element of Adobe Photoshop, and shortcuts can massive help you work efficiently and keep you focused on the task at hand – creating your best creative work. Here’s some layers shortcuts to help you out;

Control + Shift + N (CMD + Shift + N) – New Layer

Control + A (CMD + A) – Select Canvas

Control + C (CMD + C) – Copy Layer

Control + J (CMD + J) – Duplicate Layer

Control + G (CMD + G) – Group Layers

Control + E (CMD + E) – Merge Down

Control + Shift + E (CMD + Shift + E) – Merge Visible


Much like layers, tools are equally a massive part of what makes Photoshop so great, and these quick one letter shortcuts can help you move around your document easily and effortlessly;

V – Move Tool

M – Rectangular Marquee Tool

L – Polygonal Lasso Tool

W – Magic Wand Tool

C – Crop Tool

K – Slice Tool

J – Spot Healing Tool

B – Brush Tool

S – Clone Stamp Tool

Y – History Brush Tool

E – Eraser Tool

G – Paint Bucket Tool

R – Smudge Tool

O – Dodge Tool

R – Smudge Tool

P – Pen Tool

T – Horizontal Type Tool

A – Path Selection Tool

U – Line Tool

N – Audio Annotation Tool

I – Eyedropper Tool

H – Hand Tool

Z – Zoom Tool

Q – Edit In Quick Mask Mode

F – Change Screen Mode

Saving & Printing Your Document

Whilst your creating your document, these shortcuts can help you quickly save your document, and when you’ve come to finishing your document, and you’re really happy with the overall quality, these shortcuts can help reach that finish line quicker;

Control + Alt + S (CMD + Opt + S) – Save

Control + Shift + S (CMD + Shift + S) – Save As

Control + Shift + S (CMD + Opt + Shift + S) – Save For Web And Devices

Control + Shift + P (CMD + Shift + P) – Page Setup

Control + P – (CMD + P) – Print

Save Time With These Photoshop Shortcuts

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts for both MAC and PC users, we think it’ll massively help you create stunning illustrations and designs much faster.

These important and timesaving shortcuts can massively help your productivity during your creative days, and these Photoshop shortcuts are here to help you achieve just that!

But we’ll love to know: have we left any crucial shortcuts out?

What shortcuts could you not live without?

Comments are more than welcome below!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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