How To Create An Eye Catching Behance Portfolio

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Do you want to raise your creative profile?

Do you want more followers and fans of your work?

Behance is a great way to promote your creative work, drive users towards your website portfolio, which helps you connect with other creatives around the world.

It’s a platform which can help you gain more commissions and clients, so it’s really important that you use this platform to promote your work.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create an eye catching Behance portfolio, which not only drives followers, fans and appreciations of your work, but gives you the confidence to build this side of your online presence.

I’ve been on Behance for a number of years now, and have received new followers and fans of my work, which is so beneficial to me.

So let me give you a series of tips that you’ll be able use to create an enticing Behance portfolio.

What Is Behance?

Behance is a online platform by Adobe, which allows you to showcase your creative work, from Graphic Design, Illustration to Photography.

This is an online platform which is totally free to use, which gives you the opportunity to entice people back to your website portfolio. Receiving appreciations and comments on your project’s, you can create a strong following, which encourages more people to commission you.

Even though Behance is a great place to showcase your work, it’s still important that you have your own portfolio website, so you can always link back to this, and receive even more commissions!

With 806,5145 Behance projects (as of 18/02/2015), Behance really is the place to get your work seen!

Now you’re up to date to what Behance can give you, how can you use it to create an eye catching portfolio?

Creating A Strong Profile Page – Your Avatar

For you to create a strong brand and consistent portfolio on Behance, you need to have everything in place before publishing any work, and one key aspect is to upload an effective and honest avatar.

For your audience to notice you in a crowded market, (as it’s sometimes hard to get noticed at the start), is to have a strong avatar of yourself.

This could be your portrait or one of your pieces of art, but we highly recommend you use the same avatar as your other social media avatars.

Why is this?

Because it creates a consistency throughout your online platforms, and when your followers go from one website to another, they’ll begin to see a consistent brand, which is crucial.

From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to Instagram, you should be using an avatar which is the same throughout.

Maximising Your About Section

By leaving your ‘About’ details blank, not only will this represent a creative which isn’t bothered, but it will also represent an unprofessional image to potential clients.

By filling out this section to it’s maximum potential, you can showcase your brand, your own personality, and give the user a reason to visit your portfolio website.

Make sure you’re adding your website link’s, connecting your social media account’s, and giving a good account for you as an artist, as this is your prime position to tell everyone about yourself!

It’s wise to speak in third person within this section to, which communicates a higher level of professionalism to writing in first person.

Embedding Consistency Within Your Projects

To create a recognisable brand on Behance, you need to create a consistent projects.

If you look at your portfolio, is it consistent with one another? Are you using the same typefaces, the same dividers, the same colours?

It’s important that you keep your portfolio consistent, as this can easily turn away potential clients.

This has a massive impact in the way people go around your project’s, as if you manage to create a consistent portfolio, your audience will know exactly what they’ll get if they click on one of your project’s.

When you next create a project on Behance, make sure your typeface, your colours, your language, and the way your artwork is shown, is all consistent with each other.

Enticing Cover Images

In order for you to receive more appreciations and follows that you crave, you need to make sure that you’re creating eye catching cover images.

Behance project cover images give a little glimpse to what your project is all about, which entices the viewer to click and view your project, which is crucial.

Many successful Behance portfolios use this sort of technique to drive appreciations, as viewers get drawn to these sorts of images.

When creating a cover image for your Behance project, have a think about it’s composition, and if it draws users onto the project.

Place subjects to the side, use dramatic angles, and focus on creating an eye catching image, which others just have to click onto.

Actively Following More

If you go onto any social media platform, and just wait for others to follow you, then you’re not going to have that much success.

You need to be active on these platforms, and that also goes for Behance too.

Follow others, comment on their projects, give appreciations, and be an active member of the community. This will give you the opportunity to showcase you and your work, and get it in front of them.

The more you help other people out, the more they’ll help you out in return.

Want another benefit?

Whenever you comment or give an appreciation to someone else, this will appear on the feed of the people that are following you, and they can see that you’re being active on the website!

This not only increases your chance of more followers and views, but encourages appreciations too.

Create A Successful And Eye Catching Behance Profile!

Behance is a great vehicle to help promote your own creative work, and has a wide range of disciplines on the website, from Fine Art, Photography to Graphic Design.

If you’re a creative, then this is a great place to showcase your work, and encourage others to visit your website portfolio in turn.

Use these tips to help you create an eye catching and enticing portfolio on Behance, and you’ll be able to heap the rewards and help you turn into a Freelance Master!

Summary Of Points

  • Behance was created by the fantastic guys over at Adobe, which is a free platform to help you promote your own creative work
  • Maximise your ‘About’ section by filling out your details, giving the audience a good indiction of who you are, and what you offer
  • Create an avatar which reveals who you are, which is consistent to your other social media platforms. This will give you a consistent and noticeable brand on Behance
  • Make sure your cover images are eye catching and encourages viewers to look at your project, as this is a important detail to gain more appreciations
  • Actively follow, comment and give appreciations to other creatives, and watch them also help you out too!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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