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To put it simply, become amazing at something. If you’re a graphic designer focus on a particular area, maybe logo design? If you’re a Photographer, focus on sports photography? Web developer, focus on PHP development. Becoming a master within a particular field makes you the expert. Someone who people can rely on to get the job done. Someone client’s feel comfortable giving you repeat business.

It doesn’t restrict other work opportunities but will allow you to broaden your client base. You could even take it a step further, being a freelance master in a particular location. For example, you could be the expert of packaging design in London or be the go to portrait photographer guy of Washington DC. It isn’t beneficial to be mediocre in loads of different things. Wouldn’t it be better if you’re an expert in only a few things? Your work and your commissions will be highly valued. Let’s take some examples in the field.

Jacob Cass, Graphic Designer Expert In Logo Design

Jacob’s skills range from web design to advertising but what Jacob is really known for is logo design. Just browsing his website you can see why he’s a logo expert. The key reason for his success is because he’s focused on one topic, logos. Winning countless design awards, being featured (and writing) in a variety of major magazines and books it’s clear that focusing on one topic can have huge benefits to your freelancing career.

Chris Coyier, Web Developer Expert In CSS

Chris sets the web standard by helping thousands all over the world become better developers with his hugely successful CSS tricks site. Since mid 2007, Chris has put a lot of effort into making CSS tricks the go to resource for people who need answers common CSS questions, fixes for those annoying IE CSS bugs or to witness the power of CSS, especially CSS 3.

Take a look at CSS tricks and you start to understand the power of channelling your skills into one area and how Chris has taken the world of CSS development into a worldwide community.

Leon Neal, Photography Expert In Press Photography

Leon who now is a full time employee of Agence France-Presse, is one of the countries top press photographers. Press Photography isn’t anything comparable to the paparazzi. Press Photography is the art of showcasing news and events, capturing the moment as it happens so you get the feeling of what it was like to be there, for example; London Olympics. Leon’s most iconic piece of work was the infamous Royal Wedding kiss.

Where in the view of millions, Prince William and Kate Middleton kissed on Buckingham Palace balcony without realising one of the children holding her ears to block the crowd’s noise. But viewing some of his photos you really understand the emotion of the subjects and get a true sense of his dedication to photography.

From these experts it’s clear that if you follow your passion you’re already on the path to success. It is important that you understand your strengths before focusing on an area.

To summarise: Follow your passion and understand your strengths. Try to focus on one or two topics within your freelancing journey, but make sure you’re not forgetting everything else. Becoming an expert takes years, but will overtime pave the way to a healthier freelancing career.

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What skill are you focusing on?

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