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We’ve setup a freelancer’s fortnight series were we’ll share essential freelancing tips on how to stand up, stand out and make the most of your freelancing career. We’ve called it freelancer’s fortnight because if you haven’t guessed, we will feature 14 tips within this series.

All the tips featured are specific to designers, artists and developers, but a lot of the stuff we will cover can be used in other freelancing areas. The tips and tricks we’ll discuss are purposely broken down into smaller specific areas so it’s easier to read and digest. We would love to hear your stories and feedback throughout the series so if you want to join the conversation, be sure to drop a comment below. So why should you broaden your freelancing client base?

How Do I Expand My Client Base?

The marketplace is full with all kinds of freelancers with ranging skills and styles. In these harder economic times it can be difficult to find work when so many people are pitching for the same work.

Consequently that can also result in difficulties in maintaining steadily flows of income to pay the bills and keep your freelancing career alive. That’s why it’s important to ensure you are not putting all your eggs into one basket. By this we mean heavily relying on a very small number of clients to keep your cash flow ticketing over. Instead we recommend that you branch out and find a varied range of clients, both in terms of size and potential income values.

It can be easy not to push for new clients when having one or two high valued clients that give you repeat business, but what happens if tomorrow they decide to pull the plug? You’re going to find it hard to find new commissions, especially when the pressure starts to build. Get ahead of yourself and keep actively looking for new clients ensuring your client base grows. Make sure your portfolio reflects your skills and ultimately what you enjoy doing.

New clients will hire you based on previous work. Art directors do not care about your work, unless you get it in front of their faces. They will not go out of their way to search for you, so you must get to them.

To Summarise

Don’t rely on only a hand full of clients to maintain your income stream. Expand your client base to ensure you keep a steady flow of cash your way. Make sure your portfolio is up-to-date with relevant projects you’ve enjoyed working on and show you in the best light.

How many clients do you rely on?

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