Epic Tips To Improve Your T-shirt Designs

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Are you a t-shirt designer?

Do you want to create eye catching and popular t-shirt designs?

For any artist or designer, making t-shirts designs is a fantastic way to make money and add exposure of you and your talents.

But sometimes, it’s quite difficult to create an eye catching and popular tee design.

Within this blog post, you’ll discover handy tips and tricks to help you create better looking t-shirt designs, which are targeted towards you audience, are crisp and ready for print, and ensuring your composition is second to none.

Join us and discover how to improve your t-shirt designs!

Think About The Tee Colour

In order for your tee design to work on t-shirts, you need to always keep your colour’s in mind.

Colours work better with certain other colours, and as you’ll be submitting a colour design most of the time to us (but not always of course), you always need to think your design’s colour.

How does your tee design colour work with blue, how does it work with a red tee, and think about how how the illustration would work with a yellow t-shirt.

Understanding how it would look on a tee is crucial to help you improve your t-shirt designs, and make them really stand out!

Transparent .PNG Are Best

Like our previous tip about making sure you think about your tee colour, transparent PNG’s are always best too.

In simple terms, this basically means the bits of your design which are blank (that show the background), will appear as the tee colour.

The problem with .JPGs, which we don’t recommend you submitting to us on our FAQ page (we prefer transparent .PNG’s), is that a .JPG is hard to print onto t-shirt designs.

Not only this, .PNG’s also render typographic images much better than .JPG’s.

For example, if you’ve created a .JPG design with a pink background, but it would also look great on green, this makes it extremely hard (and sometimes impossible) to change the background colour.

Especially if you’re working digitally, make sure your design’s are transparent and saved as .PNG, which makes it easier for you and for us too.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

When you think of an idea for a t-shirt design, make sure you’re always thinking about your audience before creating the design.

Who are you targeted towards – girls, boys, children .etc?

The more you know about who you’re aiming your tee design at, the better it’ll be for you, in terms of customers purchasing the design, and in terms of it’s popularity.

For example, if you create a t-shirt design which is aimed at teenagers who are interested in bold and eye catching nature t-shirt designs, but you create a cute and girly nature design, then this isn’t going to appeal.

If you get this wrong, it will turn off your target audience, and it’s curtains!

Think about the audience who you’re designing it for, and make it perfect for them!

Always Sketch It Out First

You may be a digital artist, and I understand how tempting it is to drive straight into designing on the computer, but make sure you always sketch your tee design out first before going onto the computer.

If you don’t sketch it out, it can cause headache for you as when you do go onto your computer, without having a clear picture of what you’re creating, you’ll become frustrated and most probably end up giving up, which is not what we want!

Sketch your t-shirt idea out in your sketchbook, think about it’s colour, it’s composition, and then go onto your computer to design it.

This will help you create a design which is perfect in execution and design.

Create Wicked Tee Designs!

Creating t-shirt designs can sometimes be difficult to master.

These tips you’ll be able to create a design which is not only suitable towards customers and audience, you’ll be left with an attractive illustration which you’re really happy with.

Remember it’s colour, think about your target audience, sketch out your tee design, and save it as transparent .PNG, and you’ll be onto a complete winner!

Why not take all this found knowledge and submit your t-shirt design to us, we’ll love to see what you’ve come up with!

Summary Of Points

  • Think about your tee colour – how does your tee design colour work with your t-shirt design colour? Does it work on some, and not others?
  • Save as transparent .PNG – Save your designs, especially if you work digitally, as transparent .PNG’s, which will help it look it’s best for t-shirt printing
  • Who’s your target audience – who are you designing towards, what do they like, and what would they buy?
  • Sketch it out first – in order to create designs which you’re really happy with, make sure your always sketching out your design before going onto the computer
  • Make excellent and eye catching tee designs with these tips!

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