3 Characteristics Of Productive Creatives

3 Characteristics Of Productive Creatives

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Do you want to learn the characteristics of productive creative individuals?

Lacking a certain creative characteristic?

Being a creative individual can be very rewarding, however it can sometimes be very frustrating when things aren’t going the way you want it to.

You might be lacking a certain aspect of your character that you want to work on, you may not realise what characteristics creative individuals own, or you may just be looking to improve your own skillset.

So within this blog post, you’ll learn the top ‘3 Characteristics Of Productive Creatives’, learn what these are, and discover how you can implement them into your own lifestyle and creative habits.

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Motivated & Driven

Creative individuals have motivation in spades. They live and breath creativity and their industry: you’ll never see a successful unmotivated creative.

If you want to succeed as a creative, you need to get out there, and become self motivated.

This characteristic gets creatives out of bed every morning, makes sure their designs, creative projects and artworks are the best they can be, and sometimes work that extra hour to finish a project.

Motivation is always a great characteristic to have, so make sure you’re always motivating yourself to finish a particular project, do that task you hate, or just make yourself jump out of your bed.

Golden Tip : If you have a project you hate doing, and you don’t have any motivation to do it, say to yourself that you’ll only do it for 5 minutes. Most often than not, you get into that task after the first 3 minutes, and continue until completion!

The Willingness To Keep Learning

Creatives don’t just stand still, they’re always finding new ways to adapt, to learn, and to improve their own skill sets.

This in affect changes their working process and style throughout weeks and months of hard work and practise.

If you’re struggling with this, make sure you’re always practising and have that motivation to learn new skills. Go to a few lessons, go onto a blog or Youtube, and see if you can pick up a new skill.

Skills often help other skills immensely, for example: if you’re a graphic designer, you may learn how to draw, which can help you sketch out your ideas, your compositions and how you communicate your ideas.

Golden Tip : Go onto blogs like ours and see if you can learn from the masters. Other great blogs are Creative Bloq and Canva’s Design School for creative peeps.

Take Criticism On The Chin

Even though it’s great to receive admiration and compliments of your creative work, it’s those who take criticism on the chin that survive and produce better work.

If you’re always receiving compliments, you might sit back and not try and improve your work, however those creatives who take negative comments on the chin and learn from them, are the winners.

Golden Tip : Instead of asking for compliments of your work, see if you can ask for criticism instead. This will result in you receiving honest and helpful comments to improve your work.

Bonus: Surround Themselves With Other Creatives

Creative individuals often surround themselves with other creative people, and are sociable with these people too.


Because they can bounce ideas off one another, get new perspectives of their work, and see how they can improve too.

If you want to improve your own mindset and attitude, surround yourself with other creative people, and you’ll see big improvements with your work.

Develop These Characteristics Into Your Mindset

In order for you to improve as a creative, you need to have these characteristics imbedded into your own mindset.

If you’ve already got these traits, then you know you’re on the right track! However, if you honestly feel you’re lacking a few of these characteristics, then make sure you spend some time to work on these traits.

From surrounding yourself with creative people, being motivated and driven, to always learning new skills, these top 3 characteristics of creatives are always here to help you learn and develop as a creative!

How about submitting your own creative work to us, all for free?

We hope you enjoyed the blog post, but we’ll love to know;

How have you imbedded these characteristics into your mindset?

Are there any crucial characteristics we left out?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Motivated & Driven – Creatives have this in spades, and are motivated to produce the best work, and be seen as the best in their industry
  • Always Learning – Creatives never sit around, but are always seeking new opportunities, new ways to learn new skills, and develop their own style
  • Take Criticism – To improve your own work, and to evolve as a creative, you need to learn how to learn form criticism
  • Surround Themselves With Other Creatives – To learn new skills, to learn from other individuals, and to collaborate with other people, surround yourself with creatives is ideal

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