What Amazon Art Means for the Art Community

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Earlier today we tweeted about the launch of Amazon Art and we wanted to drill down to our readers what this means for the art community as a whole and a short explanation of what is Amazon Art. We’re extremely excited about the news and I am sure you guys are as well.

So, what is Amazon Art? It’s basically Amazon’s new art section that showcases 40,000+ pieces (I know) of art from 150 of the top galleries in America. It’s an impressive showcase including a lot of high profile artists from some top galleries. If you’re an art lover or collector, Amazon Art will be huge for you. Here are a few artists that caught our eye;

Works vary in price from £29 to £3,100,000. With this new venture it benefits artists, galleries, customers and most importantly the art community. It means that art can be protected to wider audiences and it’s a great way to promote art to millions of customers (many new) from around the globe.

Art collecting is becoming more and more popular as years go on and Amazon has and now will capitalise on this vast market. It can only mean great things for artists and people who are art fans. As you would expect Amazon Art isn’t completely different, it’s as easy to use as the rest of the site.

Amazon Art has also now been included in the main search so customers can find specific works of art based on a medium or artistic style. With it’s launch Amazon Art it means it can only get bigger and better and we’ll safely assume talks are already in place with galleries outside of America in places such as London or Paris.

What do you think about Amazon’s newest venture?

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