Brand New T-shirt Design – Skull By Ali Desidero

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Within this blog post, we’re showcasing a brand new t-shirt design that has recently won over on our voting platform, titled ‘Skull’ by the brilliant Ali Desidero!

It’s a great illustration that makes an even better tee design, that you’ve voted for within our voting platform – and we can see why!

So join us as we introduce you to Ali and his brilliant t-shirt design!

Skull T-shirt Design By Ali Desidero

Combining great details, colours and intriguing shapes, this design looks brilliant as a black tee, that really stands out from anything else out there today!

Appropriate for the up and coming Halloween celebrations this year, this t-shirt design has been created digitally on Adobe Photoshop, that has been hand crafted by Ali himself.

Skull T-shirt Design
We love this design as it’s a completely unique and fresh form of illustration, that includes lovely shapes to convey the shape of the skull.

We get absolutely lost in this design, as we just look at all those intriguing liquid shapes, that you can experience for yourself above!

Here’s A Bit About The Designer!

Originating from Turkey, Europe, Ali Desidero has built up a portfolio of work that is an absolutely revaluation. Bringing his illustration and design talents together, Ali has become an active member on our community, and we welcome him to our online shop!

Concentrating on digital art and illustration, he has an wealth of experience within UX design, art direction to presentation design, and we can see why!

Here’s some of Ali’s other work below;

Ali Desidero Illustration

Ali Desidero Illustration

If you’ll like to see more of this work, be sure to visit his Graphic Tide profile, stop by his Twitter profile or join him on Behance, he’ll love to see you on there!

Do You Want To Support This Artist?

Here at Graphic Tide, all of our artists receive a commission for every t-shirt they sell with us, and on top of this, they gain exposure and promotion for their brilliant work too!

Bringing together cool t-shirt designs on our shop, we’re committed to always be there for our artists, and you can help with this!

If you like this skull t-shirt design, or want to help and support an artist on our website, visit Ali’s t-shirt designs on our shop. Here you’ll be able to purchase a brilliant looking tee design, but also supporting your favourite artists!

Or if you’re an artist yourself, submit your work to us for free!

We hope you enjoy this blog post on our brand new t-shirt design of ‘Skull’ by Ali Desidero!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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I'm an Illustrator, Designer & Animator from Hampshire, United Kingdom, and have been illustrating for a number of years. I have a wealth of experience within editorial, maps, posters and book covers. Having a firm interest in the creative industry and everything that revolves around it, I want to share what I've learnt to you. From this, I have a keen passion for t-shirt design and how illustration can become a part of something you wear.

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