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After receiving so many great pieces of art and design recently on our voting platform, which we’re really excited about, we wanted you share one of our artists within our very own dedicated Featured Artist blog post. This is a great chance for you to gain a taste of whats available when one of your t-shirt designs gets into our store from our voting platform, as we at Graphic Tide want to help and support artists and much as we can.

In today’s blog post, we feature the work of Piewaste, who created the fantastic ‘Pc Chalky White’, which is now available to buy within our store! Piewaste was our second winner over on our voting platform, with a truly striking and eye catching design, that really shows off his talents with the trusted paint can!

We’re going to be featuring some of Piewaste’s other artworks, which you might not of seen before. As this guy is a great talent, and we just want you to get accustomed to his artwork, as he has so much to offer!

If you new here, hello! Were Graphic Tide, an unique t-shirt design company which sells t-shirts all around the world. Creatives upload their designs to us, and if you receive 30 votes from the community and Twitter, your design is then sold within our store! You receive a commission on every t-shirt design that we sell, as our whole ethos at Graphic Tide is to help support and promote fellow arts and designers, and what better way to do that, for free with us!

Who Is Piewaste?

Now you’re introduced to the party, lets get back to featuring the work of Piewaste. Piewaste is a UK artist, who mainly works with spray paint to form his pieces of art. Taking inspiration from graffiti, grunge and classic pieces of art, Piewaste has built a collection of work which is highly unique and captivating.

He’s turned the most boring of walls into a creation of wonder and attractiveness, and we particularly love his new work for a Barber shop, which showcases a classic pin up girl. It looks like a great focus of attention for the shop, we’ll love to see it in the flesh sometime!

Below showcases some of Piewaste’s fantastic work, and we’ve selected a couple of pieces of work which we’re really inspired and driven by. We hope you are too, let us know by commenting below!

Get Your Hands On Pc Chalky White

Help support Piewaste by purchasing one his tee’s from our store. Piewaste, like all of our artists, gets a commission on every t-shirt that we sell in store, and we help share his art by selling his t-shirts, blog and social media outlets. Purchase ‘Pc Chalky White’ here.

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Where Can I Get In Touch With Piewaste?

You can get in touch with Piewaste over on his Facebook page, commenting on this blog post, or getting in touch with us over on our Twitter or Facebook account, and we’ll be sure to give him any feedback that you send over to us.

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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I'm an Illustrator, Designer & Animator from Hampshire, United Kingdom, and have been illustrating for a number of years. I have a wealth of experience within editorial, maps, posters and book covers. Having a firm interest in the creative industry and everything that revolves around it, I want to share what I've learnt to you. From this, I have a keen passion for t-shirt design and how illustration can become a part of something you wear.

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