Featured Artist – Angry Monk

Featured Artist - Angry Monk

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We love featuring talented artists and designers on our blog, and you’ve come across a special one today!

We’re featuring the fantastic work of Angry Monk, who recently won over on our voting platform with Birth & Death, which is an outstanding and rather eye catching t-shirt design, which we love here at Graphic Tide.

If you’re not familiar with Graphic Tide and how we work, we sell t-shirt designers made by our community, spreading the word of our artists on our blog (like today), and our artists receive a commission on every tee sold in our store.

With this, we promote our artists on our blog, social media presence and on our email newsletter, and today is no exception.

Today we feature the brilliant work of Angry Monk (Anthony Aves), who’s a graphic designer and illustrator based in the Philippines.

Combining incredible details packed into every one of his designs, he’s created a tee design which was a very quick winner over on our voting platform, which we’ll go into now.

Birth And Death T-shirt Design

Receiving 30 votes on our voting platform by creating a great design that looks great as a tee design, Angry Monk has created this t-shirt design titled ‘Birth And Death’.

From a vicious snake, isolated robin to wild mushrooms, Anthony has created a design which perfectly sums what he’s all about as an illustrator and designer – embedding quality into every design.

Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk

Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk

Against a white background, the amount of detail, texture and colour really makes it a fantastic t-shirt design, which you can purchase exclusively in white.

Suitable for men and women, this t-shirt design is highly unique and captivating, which we love here at Graphic Tide.

Discover the incredible and eye catching design of Birth And Death, you’ll be crazy not to!

Sizzling Illustrations & Designs

Using his vast experience with logo, web, banner and packaging designs, Angry Monk also plays his hand with digital and traditional forms of art, and has a number of other stunning designs on our voting platform.

From a detailed and forgotten Star Wars inspired tee design, a delicious illustration titled ‘Rock Hard Snail’, to ‘Hard To Kill’, Angry Monk has created a style which is mature and sought after, which works excellently on tees.

Sometimes combining humorous with excellently drawn illustrations, Angry Monk has a big fan base and following, and we can see why!

Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk Tshirt Blog Featured Artist - Angry Monk

His work is perfectly made for tee designs, which will give anyone a unique and eye catching look.

Our particular favourite is his Salvadar Dali illustration, which is both humorous and excellently captures what Dali was all about!

Want To Get In Contact With Angry Monk?

If you like the look of Angry Monk, or want to see his winning t-shirt design, be sure to head over to his tee page, which he receives a commission on every tee that is sold of his in store.

You can also connect with him on Twitter @angry_monk.

If you fancy seeing his whole portfolio you can check out his Behance page, or visit him over on his Facebook Page.

We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, as we took a look at the fantastic designer, Angry Monk.

Please leave us your comments below, we’ll love to hear what you think of his work!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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