Creative Interview with Lou Patrick Mackay

Brand New T-shirt Designs 'Vitality'

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Following on from our recent t-shirt design winners over on our voting platform, we wanted to get to know one designer who’s recently received 30 votes; Lou Patrick Mackay.

Lou created the fantastic t-shirt design ‘Vitality’, and received the 30 golden votes to take his t-shirt design into our shop, we welcome you Lou!

Our whole ethos at Graphic Tide is to help and support our community by conducting ‘Creative Interview’ blog posts, writing ‘Featured Artist’ blog posts, and sharing their work on our social media channels.

All of our artists receive a commission for every t-shirt design that we sell, and our commission rate is one of the highest in the industry.

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Creative Interview with Lou Patrick Mackay

After receiving 30 votes on our voting platform, Lou has created a design which is packed full of detail, colour and is ultra eye catching.

We love ‘Vitality’, as it really captures what Graphic Tide is all about – showcasing fantastic art and design on t-shirts!

We’ve asked Lou a few questions about him as an artist, so you can get an inside look at how Lou creates his artwork, and what makes him tick as a creative.

Here’s our conversation with Lou below;

Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your main discipline?

I’m a graphic specialist and a freelancer based in the Philippines but I do specialise on logos in my line of work. I’m into details but patience is one of my main discipline when it comes to art.

What are your biggest influences or inspirations as a creative?

The people who around me are my biggest influences especially those who believe in my work.

Tell us about your t-shirt design.

Most of my works have a lot of details and are grunge-inspired style which makes my work unique and edgy.

Can you tell us about your creative process? How does your day shape up?

I spend a lot of time on concepts and do a lot of sketching. Transferring it to Photoshop / Illustrator would be the final process.

Tell us something which we might not know about you

Well, I am a motorcycle enthusiast and a musician. I play guitar in a band, its my other way of expressing my artistic side other than graphics.

Where can we get in contact with you?

You can shoot me an email at [email protected] for special projects such as storybook illustrations, graphic designs to creative logos.

Get Your Hands On Lou’s T-shirt Design

You can purchase ‘Vitality‘ at a fantastic price over on our shop page, where you’ll be able to buy a high quality, highly detailed t-shirt design.

You can help support Lou, as a commission is given to every t-shirt that is sold in store.

Check out his t-shirt design here.

We hope you enjoy this Creative Interview blog post.

What do you think of Lou’s work?

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