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Flypath T-shirt Design

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Following on from our recent voting platform winner, we conduct an exclusive Creative Interview with ‘Basesmd’, who’s created this fantastic design, ‘Flypath’.

If you want to find out more about this t-shirt design, we recently produced a blog post dedicated ‘Flypath’; it’s well worth a look!

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But let’s introduce ‘Basesmd’, or better known as Fahmi to Graphic Tide, welcome!

Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your main discipline?

I’m Fahmi Syachranie, from Indonesia, and I currently live at Samarinda hometown where I’ve lived all my life.

I graduated from a 2 year diploma of Computer Graphics and Multimedia in 2005 from Jakarta Indonesia, and I’m just about to start my 3rd year of Multimedia Design at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve spent a year gaining experience in an IT company as a senior multimedia designer, and have also been freelancing during this time too.

This includes designs for print, web interface, 3D and video editing. I mostly produce graphical pieces of art at home and experiment whilst listening to electronic music.

2. What are your biggest influences or inspirations as a creative?

My greatest inspiration is graphic; retro, 60’s to 80’s graphic design, movies, graffiti art, typography, calligraphy, illustration, and the music movement.

Nando Costa is a great Graphic Artist that produces abstract, psychedelic, intense, and powerful images. He’s the first artist that blows my brains and inspired me to form new graphic shapes to draw.
Flypath T-shirt Design

3. Tell us about your t-shirt design.

I firstly did some photography research of flying birds, and downloaded a few images to trace along.

I then had to decide which one of those birds images would best suit my idea, and choose which one’s I wanted.

It took 3 hours to trace all images into vector, so this was quite a long process. From here, I worked on the size, position, distance, and colour. Finally, I played around with the pattern of the birds to fit the larger bird.

My aim was to show pattern which was bold and striking.

This is my first pattern design with a shape of birds. The concept is to show a bunch of silhouettes of flying birds, to bring out unique and simple feel of flying birds.

4. Can you tell us about your creative process? How does your day shape up?

I always start the day by conducting a lot of research at my desk. Looking at today’s graphic artists around the globe, to other forms of research that grabs my attention.

However, I still love to create vector based illustrations such as logos, icons, and symbols. Playing with vector is catchy and addictive, that I can’t get enough of; from retro, groovy, & minimalist.

The rules of creativity is create something which has never been created before and make it durable.

5. Tell us something which we might not know about you.

I’ve always wanted to be a Graphic Artist, that concentrates on illustration and abstraction.

Ideally having my hand drawing skill is very important to me; to stay original. I mostly like doing my own graphic work with digital software programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

I always dream of having a t-shirt store featuring my own graphic production and becoming a Graphic Artist.

6. Where can we get in contact with you?

Fahmi has many ways you can get in contact with them;

You can email Basegrafise here

Follow him on Twitter

Or even phone him – +6281254058866

Thanks Fahmi!

Thanks for that great Creative Interivew Fahmi, and congratulations on getting your design within our shop.

We’ll continue to promote you and your work on our social media platforms, conduct another blog post about your work, and get your name out their to our ever growing audience.

You can purchase this great design by Fahmi here.

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