Brand New T-shirt Designs – ‘Vitality’ & ‘Espress’o’Self’

Brand New T-shirt Designs 'Vitality'

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It’s so exciting to share new t-shirt designs that have hit 30 votes on our voting platform.

These artists have created designs which are eye catching, attractive and totally unique.

Let us introduce you to our newest t-shirt designs which you can purchase now, and that’s Espress’O’Self‘ by Rob, and ‘Vitality‘ by LouPatrickMackay.

These are fantastic designs which we’re really looking forward to introducing to you guys, so sit back, and discover some brand new pieces of t-shirt designs!

Do You Want To Be A Part Of Our Community?

You can be just like these two fantastic artists by submitting your great work to us.

Submission is free, and if you receive 30 votes from our community, then your design is then taken into our store for others to buy!

If you’re a quality designer or artist (and we know you are!), be sure to submit to us, it’s free, you gain exposure, and you earn a commission on every t-shirt that we sell.

Submit to us here!

But let us introduce you to our brand new t-shirt designs!

Brand New T-shirt Designs – Espress’o’Self By ‘Rob’

This excellently drawn t-shirt design by ‘Rob’ is a fine example of wit, humour and excellent execution wrapped into one.

Drawn digitally, Rob has created a design that is totally unique, which uses bold and attractive colours to create a t-shirt design that we love at Graphic Tide.

Brand New T-shirt Designs Espress O Self

Drawn with fantastic details, Rob has created two fantastic characters, and we love the yellow teeth of the left character – looks like he had too many espressos!

As all of our artists receive a commission on every t-shirt that they sell within our store, you can support Rob by purchasing one of his designs at a fantastic pre-order price.

Get your hands on this brand new t-shirt design here.

Brand New T-shirt Designs – ‘Vitality’ by LouPatrickMackay

When we first discovered Lou’s work, we were absolutely blown away by the detail, quality and use of colours which he packs into his art, and his t-shirt design is no different.

Much like the other design by Rob, Lou uses digital software to produce his designs, and has created a design which is a pure example of the crazy detail which you can embed into a design.

Brand New T-shirt Designs Vitality

A vicious blue snake circles around some flowers and a skull, which is set against a dark blue background.

If you’re looking for a striking and excellently executed design, look no further than this t-shirt! This design looks fantastic on a t-shirt, which we love!

Help support Lou by purchasing his brand new t-shirt design at our limited pre-order price, you’ll be crazy not too; especially when you see all of those details packed into the design!

Brand New T-shirt Designs – Where You Can Find These Designs

As these designs have received 30 votes on our voting platform, the design will be taken into our shop for you to buy.

Instead of these designs going straight into our shop, you can purchase the designs at a fantastic pre-order price.

All of our t-shirt designs are printed to the highest quality, and are printed using DTG techniques.

How Graphic Tide t-shirts designs are printed and made for you;

  • Ultra soft high quality pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt
  • Part of this sale goes directly to the artist
  • Printed in the UK using DTG printing technique, which is the best way to print t-shirt designs

If you were amazed by ‘Espress’o’Self’, be sure to get your hands on it here.

If you were blown away by ‘Vitality’, make sure you visit this link.

We hope you like today’s newest t-shirts that have reached the 30 votes on our voting platform!

So thanks for visiting today, be sure to leave a comment below, as we would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it will be great to see you on there. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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