Brand New T-shirt Design – HipsCat By Ergunuzun

Brand New T-shirt Design - Hipscat

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We love showcasing brand new t-shirt designs on Graphic Tide, and to mark the 1st of December, we also love to congratulate creative individuals about their success on Graphic Tide, and today is no different!

We’ve got a brand new t-shirt design which has recently won over on our voting platform, and it’s a t-shirt design which is appealing, crisp and highly detailed.

Introducing the great ‘HipsCat‘, this design is a perfect example of great digital skills, coupled with excellent colours, which has a shed load of uniqueness on top!

Brand New T-shirt Design - Hipscat

Created by the fantastic ‘Ergunuzun’ (Ergün Uzun) from Turkey, he’s created a design which perfectly suits a t-shirt design, which we really love on Graphic Tide.

For all of you cat fans out there, this t-shirt works perfectly on white, and makes the illustration really stand out.

Rocking his red hat, cool glasses, and his top button up, this is one hipster cat.

Produced with digital means only, this illustration works perfectly for t-shirts, as it’s high quality makes anyone sit up and take notice.

Where Can I Find Out More About Ergün Uzun?

You can find out more about Ergün by visiting his Tumblr, Twitter or Behance profiles, which is packed full of more art by this great illustrator and designer!

You can also support Ergün by purchasing his t-shirt design at a fantastic pre-order rate, before it goes into our shop.

Brand New T-shirt Design - Hipscat Tee

As this a pre-order price, you’re saving over 10% of the original shop price, so it’s always good to make sure you purchase the tee before it goes into our shop! Ergün receives a commission on every t-shirt that is sold in store.

Support Ergün by purchasing ‘HipsCat‘ today!

Ergün Uzun also has another t-shirt design within our voting platform, which is just as great as this design, titled ‘Dead Fisher‘.

Be Like Ergunuzun & Submit To Us!

If you’re interested in being a part of our growing and unique artistic community, be sure to submit to us at any point for free.

All artists receive a commission on every t-shirt design that is sold in store, gains exposure for their own creative work, and become a major player within our community.

With a high commission rate, appealing exposure and the chance to be part of our community which supports and helps each other, be sure to submit to us for free here.

We hope you enjoy today’s brand new t-shirt design!

What do you think of it?

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