10 Interesting Facts About T-shirts

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We love t-shirts, you love t-shirts, thinking about it who doesn’t? Anyway so we thought it would be interesting and a slight change for us to share with you some strange, (possibly) pointless facts about t-shirts!

Here are 10 facts that might amuse you and brighten up your day or make you think differently about t-shirts next time you put one on. If you’ve got any facts you want to share with us then drop us a tweet on Twitter or in the comments below. Which t-shirt fact is your favourite?

1. The world’s most expensive t-shirt cost an eye watering $250,000! The t-shirt is made from pure gold and took an impressive 15 days to complete. That could buy you over 20 years worth of Graphic Tide t-shirts, wearing a new one every day!

2. Uzbekistan is the 6th largest producer of cotton in the world! Who knew?

3. It would take over 56 million medium sized ‘The Lion’ t-shirts laid next to each other to circle once around the world, blimey!

4. The world record for the most t-shirts worn by one person was 257 ! We have no idea how!

5. On Twitter, #t-shirt is mentioned the most at 3:00pm and the least at 7:00pm. Only slight problem is, we’re not sure which time zone this applies to! Any guesses?

6. Japanese for ‘shirt’ is; シャツ

7. On average a person owns 27 t-shirts. We own far more then that! How many do you own?

8. There are more Google search results for ‘t-shirt’ then ‘beer’, ‘NFL’ & ‘Graphic design’ combined! People really do love t-shirts, thank goodness for Graphic Tide!

9. The world’s biggest t-shirt is 170 feet wide and 262 feet long. It’s made using 12,000 t-shirts.

10. Finally, if you ever play Scrabble and have the letters, t,s,h,i,r and t (tshirt, in case you didn’t spot it) and the players contest that you can’t play using the word tshirt without the hyphen, don’t worry you can use ‘thirst’, good game!

About the author - Ash


I'm a web designer from Hampshire, England, and have been working with websites for nearly 10 years. I have a deep interest in website design and development, art, and most importantly t-shirt design. I also dabble in surfing, photography and drum and bass! I'm also the co-founder of Graphic Tide, based in the United Kingdom.

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