Brand New T-shirt Designs – Year Of The Snake And Peacefully Empowered

Year Of The Snake T-shirt Design

We love seeing new pieces of art and design come through to us at Graphic Tide. But there’s one thing we love even more, and that’s seeing designs receive 30 votes on our voting platform! It’s an big pleasure to welcome two new designs to our shop, ‘Year Of The Snake’ by Bmwkelly and ‘Peacefully Empowered’ by the incredible Scott Rich, congratulations guys! If you’re interested in getting your art within our store, be sure to check out our submission page. After you submit to us, we’ll review your...

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Brand New T-shirt Design – Flypath by ‘Basesmd’

Flypath T-shirt Design

We’ve got a brand new t-shirt design within our store this week, and it’s by the creative and captivating ‘Basesmd’, with his unique design, ‘Flypath’. This is a fantastic design which works excellently as a t-shirt design, which is a simple but highly effective form of design. The colours, shape and the way this design is constructed, has made this design one of the most eye catching designs which we have on Graphic Tide, which we absolutely love! Want To Be Like Basesmd? If you’ll like to be in...

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Brand New T-shirt Design – Blue Beetle By Popartbynatalie

Blue Beetle T-shirt Design

We’d firstly like to say a big thank you to those of you who have voted on our voting platform, we, and our community of artists, really appreciate you guys! We believe strongly that our community really helps our artists gain exposure, and help them create more of a name for themselves through our website, social media and marketing efforts. We’re glad to present a new tee arriving in store this week, which is the striking ‘Blue Beetle‘ by ‘popartbynatalie’. It’s hit the 30 votes needed to take it...

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The Latest Graphic Tide News And How You Can Help Us!

We want your help

It’s been awhile since we dropped a news story onto the blog and you guys maybe wondering what the heck we’re up to?! Don’t sweat, I’m here to fill you in so you’re all up-to-date with the behind the scenes activities here at HQ. Maybe we could call it GTHQ instead, although we don’t want that acronym to get confused with GCHQ! Anyway, cyber security aside, we’ve been working away to improve the site for you all, front and backend – even improving our internal processes which I’ll discuss...

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Brand New T-shirt Design – Rockabilly Betty

Brand New T-shirt Design Rockabilly Betty

Following on from our previous t-shirt design winner, we’ve got another brand new t-shirt design to show you today, whose work we really love here at Graphic Tide. Combining that of contemporary shapes, figures and digital elements, we introduce ‘Sonnysuganob’ into Graphic Tide’s community, it’s great to have you aboard! In this blog post, we talk about our newest t-shirt design, ‘Rockabilly Betty’, that really rocks as a t-shirt design (excuse the pun). After receiving a ton of votes on our voting platform, and from Twitter, Sonnysuganob now has...

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Brand New T-shirt Designs – Scott Rich

B-2 Retro Stone Washed Blue

We hope you’re having cracking day today, we totally are! We’ve been busy taking all of your latest submissions into our voting platform, so you guys get a change to vote for your favourite tee’s! We want to say a big thank you to those of you who have voted so far, it’s great to see our community helping other artists and designers out! In today’s blog post, we feature a collection of brand new t-shirt designs that is now available to buy at a pre-order price of £17....

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Brand New T-shirt Design – JESUS Never Fails by Ola-Jesu3

Brand New T-shirt Design - JESUS Never Fails by Ola-Jesu3

We’ve been working hard at Graphic Tide Headquarters, by looking through our new submissions, preparing blog posts, newsletters, and giving your creative talent’s a voice. We’ve got a brand new t-shirt design to showcase to you guys today, which is a great piece of design. You voted in your numbers for this design, and has now received those 30 golden votes, to take it into our store for purchase! You can purchase this t-shirt design at the pre-order rate of £17, saving you 15%! If you’re interested in submitting...

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Brand New T-shirt Design – Relax By Andrew Johnson

Brand New T-shirt Design Relax By Andrew Johnson

Hello guys! Thanks for joining us today. We’ve been ultra busy sorting out a whole bunch of new designs to our voting platform, getting our Facebook App launched, and communicating to all of you on our social media platforms and newsletters. Thanks to those who have submitted a design to us, it’s great to see so much talent and imagination! Big up you guys! We’re super stoked to showcase this brand new t-shirt design, which we think will make a rather excellent t-shirt, which we love here at Graphic...

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Brand New T-shirt Design – Vinyl Is Dead? By SoulVisible

Vinyl Is Dead Tshirt Design

We really want to thank you guys for voting in your numbers over on our voting platform, it’s great to see so many of you receiving the golden 30 votes mark, and reaching our store to be sold worldwide! If you’re new here, Hello and welcome to the party, come on in! Graphic Tide sells t-shirt designs throughout the world, and helps fellow artists and designers get their work out there, as we know it can be hard for any artist or designer to achieve this. Every artist gets...

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Featured Artist – Noma Bar

Featured Artist - Noma Bar

Graphic Tide is always on the look out for the best art and design the world has to offer, that we can showcase to you guys on a weekly basis. With this purely in mind, what better way to achieve this, with featuring the work of Noma Bar. Noma is an outstanding Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist, and uses negative space within his work to reveal works which absolutely blow us away! We’ve selected a few works from Noma, which are our highlights, and if you’ve never encountered...

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