3 Art and Design eBooks You Might Not Of Read

5 Art and Design eBooks You Might Not Of Read

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eBooks are more popular than ever, mainly because of their low cost and various reading devices available. Getting the same content as a normal published book, for the fraction of the price, reading and absorbing books everywhere you go is very appealing. With Amazon’s breakthrough Kindle devices, reading books on the move is even easier than ever before and feels incredibly like the real thing.

Some people still prefer the physical look and feel of reading traditional books but sometimes that’s not always best, especially if you’re always on the move. Staying up-to-date with technologies and trends whilst learning new skills or developing existing ones is now all at your fingertips with eBooks. Not all published books are made into eBooks, normally not initially anyway, but a majority of them are.

So now is a better time then ever to enhance your Graphic Design, Illustration, Web and general art skills with these essential eBooks you might not have stumbled across. All the eBooks listed are suitable for Kindle devices, if you’re after one check out the list of Kindle devices on Amazon.

Initially it’s a lot upfront, but cheaper in the long term compared to buying brand new books every time. So let’s kick off with 3 eBooks you might not of heard, read or considered before.

Improving Your Creative Skills

If you’re looking to improve your creative skills or want to expand your artistic range, then these 80 challenges will help sharpen your design skills. The eBook contains 80 different design challenges with the aim to take you out of your conform zone and push you to try new techniques and attempt different drawing topics which you might not have thought to draw before.

The aim of the book is to help you overcome design problems or creative blocks by helping you get back on track by completing mainly time based tasks, for example creating a piece of art within a set amount of time. It can be easy for your mind set to get stuck into a routine, maybe you’re doing the same types of projects at work or school, but using this book can help break free and inspire you to tackle projects differently by thinking with a new perspective.

The book is coupled with resources and stories from top designers for each challenge with examples of how they completed theirs. The design challenges offer no right or wrong answer, but allows you to complete your tasks with more freedom then other books on the market.

On completing the book’s challenges you’ll be able to accomplish hard design problems and work more effectively and quickly. If you’re looking for in depth design process explanations then this book might not be for you, but is perfect as a refresher or for beginners.

Download the Creative Workshop Challenges Sharpen Design eBook

Understanding The Logo Design Process

Logos are an essential part of any company’s or freelancer’s branding identity and is one that will be used across all different types of medium and medias.

Designing the perfect logo for your client’s needs or one that meets your existing brand ethos and principals can be challenging. Luckily David Airey is at hand with his eBook to fill the gap with logo design and it’s processes. Unlike other logo design books, this book aims to highlight the processes of how to create a logo and will become an essential logo guidebook in your digital library, perfect if your client is struggling to write the design brief one day.

David shares his knowledge throughout the book using real life examples to help you understand the logo designing process whilst sharing ways to pitch and complete logo design work for clients. This is especially useful if you’re looking to specialise in logo design or make it a major part of your company or freelancing services.

Understanding the logo designing process means it’s important to see how the finalised logo was actually made and this book does just that showing real logo sketches and explanations of how to work best as a logo designer.

The book explains the benefits of brainstorming logo ideas before jumping straight into Photoshop or Illustrator. David explains why sketching and getting ideas onto paper is critical to a successful logo and shares why doing this can help you see different angles to take a design or highlight something you might have missed if you skipped this step.

By understanding the processes, methods and techniques to designing great logos it will change your mind set and help you to start thinking like a logo designer even if you’ve got minimal logo designing experience.

After reading this book you’ll be more equipped than ever to succeeded in logo designing, likely to change to way you look at other companies logos, making you think deeper into the meanings behind the colours, style and the message its trying to portray.

This book is a wonderful extension to David’s hugely popular logo design blog and proves this book isn’t just a picture logo flipping book.

Download Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities eBook

Designing User Interfaces And User Centred Designs

With UX and UI becoming more important then ever, being able to design beautiful websites and apps is only part of the design challenge. Users need to be able to use applications logically and designing with that in mind is going to help them achieve just that. To help designers everywhere, Smashing Magazine are here with their very own UX and User Centred Design guide book for web designers and developers, incredibly useful if you’re designing user interface elements within apps and websites.

Coming from the guys behind the hugely popular Smashing Magazine blog who have thousands of daily readers and they’ve already published a wealth of books and eBooks to market. If you haven’t already heard of them, make sure you head over there and subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feed, you won’t regret it. Putting that to one side, this eBook is a detailed and idea resource for becoming a successful UX/UI designer. This book is full of research tools, techniques and covers up to sixteen different UX design topics, covering the most important ones in good detail. They take you on a complete tour of the UX designing experience from sketching & prototyping to usability testing and how to plan UX projects.

This book in it’s own right will become a book you’ll keep referring to time and time again. No guide is complete without evidence to back it up and Smashing Magazine does just that with UX case studies and they give detailed explanations of how techniques where used to solve common UX problems and to help meet their client’s goals. This eBook even includes internationalisation UX techniques just to cover all areas!

One important part of this book is you don’t need to be an UX or UI professional to understand or to benefit from the wealth of knowledge, tips and advice available from this book. It caters for levels of UX designers meaning reading every page or dipping into certain captures will still give you what you need.

With its clear written style and beautiful design this book will help you become a laser focused user interface designer.

Download the Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences eBook

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