How to Create Epic and Engaging Logo Designs

Have you ever seen someone whose mood didn’t match their environment? Maybe you saw someone who seemed sad at a party. What about someone who looked nice, only to turn out to be cold and unfriendly? When people’s facial expressions don’t match their situation, it can be confusing for the others around them. What you may not realize is that logos can actually have the same effect. When a logo doesn’t match its brand personality or connect with the audience, it confuses customers and can even make them stop...

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How To Create Powerful & World Class T-shirt Designs

Create T-shirt Designs

Are you a t-shirt designer? Love creativity, art and design? Here at Graphic Tide, we sell the best t-shirt designs around, from Heroes by ANDYrc to Gentlemen in the Woods by LiukSL. We’re passionate about t-shirt design and promoting our artists on our website, and we wanted to share some epic tips and tricks that you can take forward into your t-shirt designs! Within this blog post you’ll learn our top tips and tricks to help you create eye catching, unique and world class t-shirt designs, that not only...

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3 Vivacious Tips To Improve Your Designs

Improve Your Designs

Do you love designing? Would you love to improve the quality of your designs? Being a designer is highly rewarding, lets you dive into your creativity, and allows you to work on a different project and theme everyday. However, to be the best designer around, you need to learn your craft, learn from your mistakes, and learn the best tips and tricks around. Within this blog post, you’ll learn 3 epic design tips to enhance your graphic design work, so you not only make better designs and keep your...

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5 Timesaving Tactics To Speed Up Your Artistic Creations

Speed Up Your Artistic Creations

Would you love to discover some valuable time saving tactics? Are you a t-shirt designer, illustrator or graphic artist? Within the creative industry, being productive, time efficient and working towards tight deadlines is crucial to guarantee that you’re always getting work through the door. As the world gets faster, saving time is becoming more important everyday. Within this blog post, you’ll discover some timesaving tactics to help speed up your design development, your t-shirt designs, and your general art creation. These tips and tactics can massively help you create...

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3 Sensational Tips To Skyrocket Your Creative Marketing

Skyrocket Your Creative Marketing

Do use marketing within your creative career? Want to receive more creative work? In order for you, as a creative, to gain more work on a consistent basis, you need to market your services to others. Creatives who have a ton of talent often don’t market themselves correctly, which is a massive shame! You need to get your face out there and tell everyone about your services in order to gain more work for yourself, that this blog post can help with! Within this blog post, you’ll discover 3...

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3 Characteristics Of Productive Creatives

3 Characteristics Of Productive Creatives

Do you want to learn the characteristics of productive creative individuals? Lacking a certain creative characteristic? Being a creative individual can be very rewarding, however it can sometimes be very frustrating when things aren’t going the way you want it to. You might be lacking a certain aspect of your character that you want to work on, you may not realise what characteristics creative individuals own, or you may just be looking to improve your own skillset. So within this blog post, you’ll learn the top ‘3 Characteristics Of...

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How To: Push Your Illustration Style To The Next Level

Push Your Illustration Style To The Next Level

Are you an illustrator craving better work? Would you love to push your illustration work to the next level? For illustrators out there, your portfolio is everything. You get commissioned on the work within your portfolio, from your professionalism, how appropriate you are for the job, and ultimately, your style. But what if you’re struggling with finding your illustration ‘style’, and don’t know what direction you’re going in? This can cause a big heartache, as you start pulling your hair out, become frustrated with yourself, that ultimately hinders the...

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Quick Guide: Sizzling Social Media Marketing Tips For Creatives

Social Media Marketing Tips

Do you use social media to promote your creative work? Do you want to build your social media following? Social media has become a main say for many creatives to promote their own work, receive more commissions, and get more followers and fans too. But it can sometimes be a very frustrating place to get seen on social media, as everyone and everything starts promoting their own work, and you never get a look in. This can go on for a long period of time, and as you start...

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9 Eye Watering Tips To Boost Your Creative Ideas

Boost Your Creative Ideas

Are you an artist or designer? Do you want to boost your own creative ideas? For any artist or designer, creating creative ideas that fuels commissions and clients is an absolute must. However, you may be highly creative, and love creating eye catching, conceptual and unique ideas, but it sometimes doesn’t quite click in place. You start to become frustrated by your thought process, you start ripping your hair out, and this endless cycle continues, before you give up completely, which is not successful in the slightest. But what...

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How To Create An Eye Catching Online Portfolio In 5 Easy Steps

Create An Eye Catching Online Portfolio

Do you have a online portfolio of work? Do you have your own website or blog? For all creatives, from fine artists, graphic designers, all the way through to illustrators, you need an online portfolio of work to get seen in today’s market. To attract new clients and commissions towards your work, you need an online portfolio which is attractive on the eye, unique, shows off your personality, and screams ‘Professional’. To make a living from your passion, you need an online portfolio which perfecty represents you, but how?...

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